Escape Plan (to Canada)


Released August 2016

Available on CD Baby and iTunes

Project Two:  Escape Plan (to Canada):  a 6-Song EP of contemporary jazz originals that share my journey of discovering and creating a life in Los Angeles.

A story about a Canadian girl starting from scratch to establish community and make connections, in a new place with HUGE hidden differences from the culture she grew up in, difficult to define or even recognize but definitely felt.  Who, amidst navigating all of this, was being introduced to new possibilities, and discovering uncovered musical ambitions that were dying for her to find the courage to pursue them.   It’s a story about the overwhelming process of forging a new path.

Title Track: Escape Plan (to Canada)

About the tracks:

1. More Than a Fairytale (feat. Gino Muñoz on Trumpet)

Before moving to Los Angeles, it seemed like an unreal, fairytale type of place, so removed from “real” life. This track relates the experience of a life in Los Angeles transforming from a fairytale thought to a reality.

2. Mysterious Melancholy

Figuring out how to connect in a new city, on my own, I grappled with feelings of isolation and loneliness. The spiraling movement of this track reflects the spiraling thoughts that can descend down to depression. However, the uplifting major key ending is a reminder that the darkness ends and there is always hope.

3. Escape Plan (to Canada) (feat. Gino Muñoz on Trumpet)

When discouragement hit I would imagine escaping back to Canada and giving up on creating a life in Los Angeles. This song is a playful expression of those plans.

4. a) Espionage

Originally I had planned to move to Los Angeles for only 3 years, but in the third year I realized I had more to pursue here and wanted to stay. When applying for my green card, the application form specifically asked a series of questions like this: When in the U.S. do you plan to be involved in . . .

5. Chrysalis (feat. Gino Muñoz on Flugelhorn)

At many moments it seemed like nothing was happening or moving forward. It took a long time before I discovered that an incredible transformation had been occurring beneath the surface of my life.

6. Abundance

Inspired by Psalm 66.12, this song expresses the moment when I finally felt connected, at home, and thriving in Los Angeles.